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sustainable products
Freestone Eco Retaining Wall System from Island Block & Paving

Vertical, Garden Retaining Wall Blocks

The Freestone ECO Garden Retaining Wall blocks are a sustainable, DIY, retaining wall block which is 240mm wide to allow design flexibility.

Freestone ECO - Limestone Eco

Freestone ECO - Limestone Eco

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Mist with Bluestone Bullnose

Freestone Eco - Mist with Bluestone Bullnose

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Mist Exposed

Freestone Eco - Mist Exposed

Freestone Eco - Mist Exposed

Freestone Eco - Mist Exposed

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone Eco - Ebony Exposed

Freestone ECO walls are suitable for most retaining and garden wall situations including civil, commercial, and high-end residential walls. The large sized retaining wall blocks are manufactured with an engineered sand containing processed glass aggregates which provide exclusive smooth surface finishes that glisten in light. Freestone ECO retaining walls are Level “A” Global Greentag certified.

The large sized hollow blocks allow for steel reinforcing and concrete core fill where required, providing a very durable wall which can also accommodate fences and balustrades. Freestone ECO blocks are 400mm long x 240mm wide x 250mm high and due to their massive hollow cores are lightweight and easy to lay. Each block has self-locating lugs which lock into the block above, purpose made 90-degree corner and bullnose, or square edge capping is available to provide a complete system. Due to the blocks having a minimal setback, all available space can be utilised to the maximum. Steps can be incorporated within the walls easily with design details available for download. Corner blocks and either straight edge or bull nose capping complete a full wall system. Engineering design tables and AutoCAD designer details are also available.

You can view the full DIY installation video here.

Key benefits include:

  • Either Ultra Smooth or Exposed finishes that glistens in the light
  • Sustainable with Level “A” Global Greentag certification
  • 38% recycled glass aggregate used
  • No concrete footings required
  • Large sized easy to use blocks only 10 per M2

Island Block & Paving offers a wide range of Retaining Wall options to suit any project. View the entire range here.

Freestone ECO is produced in four colours, which are available with a standard diamond brushed finish which highlights the recycled glass aggregate, as shown below.

How is the Freestone ECO retaining wall system different from other products?

The Freestone ECO retaining wall is a unique, patented block that is like no other. Manufactured from recycled glass aggregate, it provides a unique surface finish. It is a vertical DIY wall with minimal setback that can be built on either a gravel or concrete footing depending on the wall height. Suitable for low garden landscape walls or engineer designed walls up to 4 metres high the Freestone ECO blocks are very versatile. The blocks are hollow so services such as lights/plumbing/handrails/fences can be incorporated easily within the wall.

Are the Freestone ECO retaining wall blocks easy to handle?

Yes, the blocks sizes are 400mm long x 250mm high by 240mm wide with a huge hollow core to reduce weight for easy handling; they are lightweight and fit together like “lego” blocks. There are 10 blocks per M2 of wall area.

What happens with corners and capping?

Universal corners are available i.e. they are pre-finished on both sides so as the one block can be used for either left or right directional corners. Corners are used to build 90 degree corners and can be used to form stop ends for any walls that step up or down in height. There are two types of capping available: Bullnose 300mm x 300mm x 50mm thick capping or Square edge capping which are 400mm x 300mm wide x 50mm thick.

Can Freestone ECO be curved?

Yes. Freestone ECO can be curved either Concave or Convex with the minimum curve radius 1.5 Meters (3 Meter diameter). We recommend that curved walls be gently curved where possible as tight curves may not be as visually appealing.

What is Freestone ECO made from?

Freestone ECO is manufactured with up to 40% processed recycled glass aggregate which creates a unique finish that subtly glistens. The Freestone ECO product is Greentag certified in recognition of its environmental benefits.

What surface finish options are available in the Freestone ECO products?

There are two high-quality surface finishes available, a smooth finish and an exposed aggregate (shot blasted) finish.

Do the Freestone ECO blocks require sealing with a masonry sealer?

To enhance the unique surface finish and highlight the glass aggregate features of the Freestone ECO Smooth finish blocks and capping we do recommend sealing with a proprietary masonry surface sealer. Sealing the Exposed Aggregate Finish is optional.

Can you arrange wall installation and what is an approx. cost to install?

Yes, we have a group of recommended installers available. Generally the supply and installation cost ranges depending on access, wall size, base preparation required and the wall height required. To arrange a supply and install price contact us either by phone 1800 004 449 or email us at to arrange an obligation free quote.

How long will my Freestone ECO retaining wall last for?

The life expectancy of Freestone ECO retaining walls is a minimum of 30 years. The product is a concrete masonry so is durable and will last the test of time.

Is there any maintenance required?

A. Minimal, but as per all external building products the Freestone ECO will require annual maintenance, the wall should be washed down with a pressure cleaner or garden hose annually. If your wall has been sealed, a wash down and re-coat is suggested every 2-3 years.

How do I get more information or a quote?

Contact us by phone 1800 004 449 or email us at and advise the dimensions of your area if known or a free onsite measure and quote service is available.

How can we help?

How can we help you?