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Bricks for the Future are an exclusive brick range available in unique finishes and contemporary colours. Bricks for the Future from Island Block & Paving offer a state of the art patented brick selection, nationally recognised for its unique surface textures, inspirational modern colours and Global Green Tag certification.

Premium Range

Designer Range

Bricks for the Future are exclusively manufactured by award-winning, Tasmanian owned company Island Block & Paving. The patented Bricks for the Future are the ideal house brick choice and are available in two sophisticated styles – the “Premium Range” and the “Designer Range”. They include subtle brick colours in either stunningly smooth or exposed aggregate surface textures. All bricks are made with six holes to assist bricklaying.

Island Block & Paving recommends the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia cleaning methods, which, as well as other technical information, can be viewed at

Key benefits include:

  • Colours and Style: Bricks for the Future offer a vast range of unique brick colours and textures. All Bricks for the Future are colourfast, the colour is blended throughout the brick i.e. not a surface coating that can chip off.
  • Low Maintenance: Bricks for the Future require minimal maintenance to keep them looking pristine. An advantage over cladding products is bricks allow the householder to enjoy their home without concerns on future maintenance.
  • Robust: Bricks for the Future are very strong and extremely noise resistant. Their fire resistance is perfect for Australia’s harsh environment. Bricks for the Future also have a security advantage over cladding options as due to their durability they resist termites and any other unwelcome visitors.
  • Affordable: Bricks for the Future have a high thermal mass producing a much cooler house in summer and a warm house in winter, therefore reducing household energy costs.
  • Sustainability: Bricks for the Future are manufactured to stand the test of time, no replacement costs. recycled aggregates are used where possible meaning landfill is reduced. Modern natural curing methods which reduce energy consumption are implemented, 100% captured water is used and CO2 emissions are reduced.

 To view our displays visit these showrooms:

  • Island Block & Paving – Midlands Highway, Breadalbane, Launceston
  • Island Block & Paving – 41 Howard Road, Glenorchy, Hobart
  • Melbourne Brick, various Melbourne outlets
  • Amber Tiles, various Sydney outlets
  • MD Brick, various Sydney outlets
  • Australian Paving Centre, various Adelaide outlets
  • Delivery to most locations Australia wide can be arranged including Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • We also deliver across Tasmania including Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Smithton, St Helens and Scottsdale

If you have any questions about the house brick range, please feel to contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 004 499 today.

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