House bricks offer a strong, safe and durable option for homeowners so it’s no wonder they are such a popular choice for new homes.

Colour trends needn’t be limited to fashion and furnishings. Homeowners can use exterior design features, such as different brick colours, textures or feature walls to showcase their style and personality.

The Bricks for the Future range from Island Block & Paving includes a large variety of modern colours and unique surface textures – all at an affordable price.

Homeowners can select from one of 24 unique bricks from the Island Block & Paving range and the beauty of house bricks is that they can be mixed and matched, offering design flexibility.

The Bricks for the Future range is available in two sophisticated styles – the “Premium Brick Range” and the “Designer Brick Range”. The Premium Brick Range has achieved Global Green Tag Certification and is made with recycled coloured glass aggregates which provide a unique surface finish that glistens in the light. The Designer Brick range is available in contemporary colours and neutral blends and are made using natural sand aggregates.

View the entire house brick range at one of our walk through displays at either 16525 Midlands Highway, Breadalbane or 41 Howard Road, Glenorchy.

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Pearl ECO Exposed House Bricks

Ebony ECO Exposed House Bricks

Graphite House Bricks

Walnut ECO Exposed and Pearl Eco House Bricks

Auburn House Bricks

Graphite House Bricks