Project Description

Project: Korongee Dementia Village

Architect: ThomsonAdsett Melbourne

Builder: Fairbrother

Bricklayer: Crossin Bricklaying

The Korongee Dementia Village was completed in 2020 with the project using over 250,000 bricks in a variety of colours from our Bricks for the Future range including Pearl ECO, Walnut ECO, Graphite and Dune.

The first of its kind in Australia, Korongee Village is a landmark dementia care development, set in the suburban village of Glenorchy, 10 mins outside of Hobart. Korongee is an enclosed community village and has a unique approach to its exterior design. The entire village is built with dementia design principles in mind. For example, each house is a different colour, with a distinctly painted door. Each home has its own type of plants in in the planters outside, assisting residents to recognise their home more easily. It was fabulous working with the design team with brick colour selection to ensure a cohesive project in line with their vision & requirements was achieved.