The Hobart City Council has undertaken a range of municipal paving projects in the past three years upgrading various public spaces around Hobart. The projects have largely been undertaken using municipal pavers from Island Block & Paving. Projects include, Liverpool Street, the Sandy Bay Retail Precinct Upgrade, the Hobart Waterfront and Salamanca. The Hobart City Council use the “Pavers for the Future” range of municipal pavers because of their environmental benefits.

The “Pavers for the Future” have achieved Global Green Tag Certification and are manufactured with up to 40% recycled glass aggregates. The recycled glass is derived from kerbside recycling. These recycled glass aggregates provide a unique, high quality finish and are available in a wide range of colours & finishes. With such a large focus in the news nationally on recycling at the moment, its great to see the Hobart City Council choosing to use our “Pavers for the Future” in their projects.

In the past 3 years over 6500m2 of paving has been supplied to the Hobart City Council. Over 261 tonne of recycled glass aggregate has been used to produce that amount of pavers – all of which could have ended up as landfill. To put it into perspective the glass aggregate used in these projects alone is equal to an estimated 1.7 million beer bottles or 700,000 wine bottles.

Island Block & Paving are proud to be involved with the Hobart City Council in producing value added pavers that look great but also positively impact the local environment by reducing the amount of container glass ending up as landfill.