White bricks are a key exterior trend right now creating a fresh, modern look for your new home. Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, humble brick and mortar builds are being reimagined with a huge variety of colours, textures and finishes.

White bricks offer a fresh façade for your home. When combined with your choice of cladding materials, they create a clean, crisp, sophisticated build. White bricks from Island Block & Paving’s exclusive Bricks for the Future range, are completely different to opposition companies clay,  glazed surface bricks. Because Bricks for the Future are 100% colourfast and coloured right through, chipping of the surface finish to expose a clay background is not an issue.

Here at Island Block & Paving we manufacture a state of the art, patented selection of white bricks as a part of our Bricks for the Future range. The range is available in three exclusive finishes –

Smooth – our smooth finish is the most cost effective brick choice. Exposed – a shot-blasted finish which exposes the aggregates of the brick. Refined – an ultra-smooth, high-end surface finish which highlights the unique aggregate in a silky, modern way. The refined finish process gives off a sleek, polished like finish – in a more cost effective way.

Our white brick colour range includes:

Pearl ECO – a bright white brick with recycled glass aggregated flecked throughout. The Pearl ECO is available in our three exclusive finishes; Smooth, Exposed and Refined.

Mist ECO – a white, pale grey with recycled glass aggregates flecked throughout. The Mist ECO is available in our three exclusive finishes; Smooth, Exposed and Refined.

Pure White – a crisp white brick with subtle light white and beige natural aggregates that can be accentuated through our signature exposed aggregate and refining processes.

Pearl ECO Refined White Bricks for the Future

Pearl ECO Refined White Finish Bricks

Pearl ECO Exposed White Finish Bricks

Mist ECO Exposed White Finish Bricks


Key benefits include: 
  • Crisp colours
  • Natural sand and sustainable glass sand aggregates
  • Six hole design to assist bricklaying
  • True to size, easy to lay
  • Exclusive surface finishes
  • Locally manufactured
  • 100% colour fast
  • Easy to clean
  • Global Greentag certified

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