This architecturally designed home built by Swain Constructions in 2017 makes a real feature of the Graphite Smooth Bricks from Island Block & Paving’s Bricks for the Future Designer Range. The house bricks have been laid in a stack bond pattern throughout the home creating a clean, contemporary look. The stack bond bricklaying is complimented by various cladding elements creating an ultra-modern home.

Bricks are a popular choice when it comes to new homes and are known for their fantastic benefits including strength, durability and longevity.  House bricks provide excellent thermal mass & are low maintenance. The Bricks for the Future range from Island Block & Paving are available in 12 unique colours as well as 2 different finishes – smooth or exposed.

The Graphite Bricks are our darkest available brick colour. The most common mortar colours include a white mortar joint – to really make the Graphite bricks pop – whilst in contrast, the dark mortar joint is also very popular.

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Island Block & Paving Products Used

Designer Bricks – Graphite Smooth

Freestone ECO Retaining Wall – Ebony ECO


Builder – Swain Constructions

Bricklayer – Greg Longmore