Island Block & Paving over the years has loved to share a “Job of the Month”where we feature fabulous projects by builders, architects, developers and more using Island Block & Paving products. We are now bringing this element to our website so you can see all the best jobs, using our huge range of products; all in one convenient place.


Project: Strickland Avenue Townhouse Development

Builder/Developer: WH Ashlin Builder & Renovator

Architect: Heffernan Button Voss Architects

Island Block & Paving Products Used: Pewter ECO Exposed Blocks for the Future

Pewter ECO Exposed Blocks

To kick it off we have this fantastic development of 5 townhouses in South Hobart by W H Ashlin Builder & Renovator . These modern townhouses have an industrial feel about them which is why the selection of the Pewter ECO Exposed Aggregate blocks from the Blocks for the Future were the perfect choice.

The Pewter ECO Exposed Blocks for the Future fall under our Sustainable Products for the Future range as they are manufactured with up to 40% recycled coloured glass aggregate. The environmental benefits of these more eco-friendly, recycled, sustainable building materials are enormous as natural resourced aggregates such as sand and metal dust, are replaced in manufacture by a potential landfill product.

For more information on the Blocks for the Future range click here

Pewter ECO Exposed Blocks