Refined  adjective

“Developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle. Elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.”

Island Block & Paving’s latest addition to their extensive product selection is the Refined range of products. Our Refined finish is an ultra-smooth, high end surface finish, achieved after manufacture through a state of the art Cassani polishing machine. This process results in a smooth, sleek finish which highlights the unique aggregate in the product in a silky & modern way.

As well as offering a beautiful finish, the Refined products are also a more cost effective option than polished finish products.

The Refined finish is available in a range of Island Block & Paving products including:

  • Bricks for the Future
  • Bespoke Bricks
  • Blocks for the Future
  • Pavers – Pavers for the Future, Driveway and Paths & Patio Paving ranges

Bricks for the Future Ebony ECO Refined finish with the Drivestone Pewter ECO Refined finish pavers.


Ebony ECO Refined Coloured Blocks

Blocks for the Future Ebony ECO Refined Finish


Bricks for the Future Pearl ECO Refined finish with Drivestone Ebony Pebble Refined pavers at the entrance


Bricks for the Future Pewter ECO Refined Finish


If you are interested in viewing the Refined range of products up close you can request a free sample through our website.

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