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Welcome to Island Block & Paving

Your retaining wall, bricks, blocks and pavers specialist

Island Block & Paving produce a unique range of bricks, retaining wall blocks, building blocks, architectural blocks, weedfree paving, patented retaining wall systems, concrete pavers and blocks and landscape products. The company operate management systems which are aligned to ISO 9001:2008 and is committed to manufacturing unique, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. "Sustainable Products for the Future" are nationally recognised as the only Australian masonry supplier to achieve Global Green Tag certification. 


The "Sustainable Products for the Future" range includes bricks, retaining wall blocks, concrete building blocks, architectural blocks and weedfree paving products, all are manufactured with up to 40% coloured recycled glass aggregates, which provide exclusive surface finishes that shimmer in the light. The "Sustainable Products for the Future" range is environmentally friendly as the recycled glass is no longer being used for landfill, it is now used for a value added product replacing natural sand. 


"No one knows Blocks and Pavers better"

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