The Cape, Australia’s premium sustainable housing project in Cape Paterson introduces their latest premium sustainable family home, Sunlight. The 7.6 Star-rated house sets the standard in energy-efficient, high performance homes in Australia. Sunlight was built by Harris Build and designed by Adapt Design Group. Island Block & Paving were involved with the project with the Blocks for the Future from our Sustainable Products for the Future range used.

Sustainable Products for the Future are Global Green Tag certified and patented by Island Block & Paving. Manufactured using up to 40% recycled coloured glass aggregates instead of natural resources a more sustainable finished product is able to be produced. These patented building products are trademarked as Bricks for the Future, Blocks for the Future, Pavers for the Future and Freestone ECO Retaining Wall System. You can view more about the range here.

Alongside our Blocks for the Future the development features northern orientation for maximum solar access, thermal mass walls, thermally broken windows and passive cooling through ventilation and strategic shading. Energy efficient and water efficient appliances along with large water tanks were also used in the house. The Cape Eco Village is a residential development in the Bass Coast, Cape Paterson. The development consists of over 200 homes surrounded by more than 50 percent of open, natural space with every house having to have a mandatory minimum 7.5 Star rating.

Sustainable Building

You can view the entire Sunlight project here.